2015 WOR Regional Rallycross Series Schedule

Date Event Name Location
March 13 -
December 12
Championship Points Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results / Raw
March 14 WOR Points Event 1 Opie's Horsepower Farm
Schedule/Info Results
May 9 WOR Points Event 3 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
June 20 WOR Points Event 4 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
July 11 Joint WOR Points Event 5 / OVR Points Event 4 (Hosted by OVR) National Trail Raceway
Schedule/Info Results
August 29 WOR Points Event 6 / OVR Points Event 5 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
September 12 WOR Points Event 7 / OVR Points Event 6 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
October 10 WOR Points Event 8 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
October 11 WOR Points Event 2 Bitzer's Farm
Schedule/Info Results
November 14 WOR Points Event 9 Opie's Horsepower Farm
Schedule/Info Results
December 12 WOR Points Event 10 Opie's Horsepower Farm
Schedule/Info Results

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