WOR SCCA Membership Information

Why join WOR?

  • Discounts
    Receive discounts at all local WOR club events and activities.
  • Awards
    Become eligible for WOR-specific honors such as: Rookie of the Year, Driver of the Year, Worker of the Year, as well as year end championship awards.
  • The Rev
    Receive the RevRecord, WOR's monthly newsletter, in your mail.

In addition, enjoy all SCCA benefits:

  • SportsCar® Magazine Subscription
    SportsCar is the official publication of the Sports Car Club of America. This national monthly news magazine brings you timely event coverage, informative features and entry forms. The magazine is also available at most Barnes & Noble book stores.
  • Discounts/Savings
    Your SCCA Membership is a ticket to thousands of dollars in potential discounts from a variety of retailers. Save money on Automotive products, Consumer Products/Gifts, Food, Personal Services, Publications and Travel. Click here for a sample of some of the retailers offering discounts.
  • Insurance
    All SCCA members are protected with the best event-related insurance program in motorsports at no additional cost. Properly registered SCCA members who are accidentally injured while participating at SCCA events are covered for up to $1 million in medical expenses. SCCA members, in certain circumstances, are also provided with limited third-party liability insurance coverage at most events. Contact the SCCA Risk Management Department at the national office for details.
  • Access to Experts and Information
    The most valuable membership perk of the SCCA is that you join a club filled with members who are eager to share their expertise and experience to help you, teach you and point you where you want to go in motorsports.

Join Now!

To join, select the program to the right that best suits you. Click the link to get started. If you have any questions please contact our membership chair.

Some information you will need in order to fill out these forms:

  • WOR's region name and number: Western Ohio Region - 86
Type of MembershipRegion DuesNational DuesTotal Dues
Regular Member$15.00$65.00$80.00
Spouse Member$5.00$20.00$25.00
Family Membership$20.00$85.00$105.00
First Gear (age 21 or under)$45.00

Already an SCCA member, but would like to join WOR? Here's what you need to do:

To add Western Ohio Region as a home region to an existing SCCA membership, contact our Membership Chair and pay our regional dues.

Membership Links
  • First Gear Membership

    Special discounted membership designed to help those age 21 and under get started. Delivers the benefits of membership, including your own copy of SportsCar®, at an exceptional value. When you’re ready to get a competition license, you’ll need to step up to a regular membership.

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  • Regular Membership

    Includes subscription to SportsCar® magazine (a $24 value), eligibility for all Club participation licenses, SCCA cloth insignia, SCCA car decal, insurance benefits, and discounts on Club merchandise and other products and services. The cost of your SCCA membership is comprised of $55 national dues plus Region dues ranging from $0 - $25.

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  • Military Discount

    If you are in active United States Military service, you qualify for a discount making your dues just $25 plus Region Dues ranging from $0-$25. Applicable proof of active service required.

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  • Spouse Membership

    Includes all regular membership benefits. Only one issue of SportsCar® magazine is provided per couple. This individual must be the spouse of a regular member.

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  • Family Membership

    For a husband, wife and all children under age 21. Spouses have the same benefits and privileges as a regular membership. Children have the same benefits except for eligibility for certain competition and other licenses. One copy of SportsCar® magazine is provided per family.

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