What to Bring

Here are some things to think about bringing to a RallyCross event.

Required Items
  • Valid drivers license (show to registrar)
  • Checkbook or cash for entry fees if you haven't pre-paid
  • Lunch if it is not provided at or with the race (check ahead)
    • Most locations will have lunch available on site for extra cost
    • Some locations are close enough to locations to drive for lunch at lunch break
  • Magnetic or adhesive numbers & class letters
    • Painters tape will be available to make numbers if you are unprepared
    • At least 8" numbers and 4" class letters
    • Multi driver cars must change numbers between runs
    • Need numbers? Download and print them here.
  • Helmet
    • Must meet current safety requirements outlined in the SCCA RallyCross Rule Book (see rules page)
    • Loaners are available if you don't have one or yours is out of date
  • Appropriate clothing & personal gear
    • Sunny & hot weather: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, lightweight clothes
    • Rainy weather: rain coat/suit, umbrella, waterproof shoes/boots, extra socks
    • Cold weather: warm coat, hat, gloves, boots, overalls (helps to dress in layers)
  • Enough fuel to race
Optional Items
  • Appropriate rule books, documentation and service manuals for odd modifications
  • Car related
    • Tool box for onsite repairs
    • Race tires on separate wheels
    • Floor jack, torque wrench, and tools for changing tires
    • Jack stands and supports so they don't sink into soft terrain
    • Air tank
    • Tire pressure gauge
    • Motor oil, brake fluid, etc…
    • Duct tape, clamps, zip ties
  • Personal
    • Pen and paper for notes
    • Work gloves (helpful for changing tires, carrying cones, helping out)
    • Tarp, EZ-up
    • Water, food, cooler
    • Rain-X or window cleaner
    • Rags
    • Folding chair or equivalent
    • Camera (pictures or video)
    • First Aid kit
  • Trash bag for waste

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