2016 WOR RallyCross Series Supplemental Rules

April 19, 2016

WOR RallyCross 2016 Standard Event Day Schedule
9:00-10:30 amRegistration and Tech
9:30-10:30 amCourse open for walking
10:00 amNovice Meeting/Course Walk
10:30 amDrivers meeting
11:00 pmFirst car on course for morning segment (3-5 runs)
1 Hr. Break for lunch and track reset after morning runs
1:30 pmFirst car on course for afternoon segment (3-5 runs)
Trophy Presentation After Last Car and Course Cleanup ~3:30

These rules are in addition to or in clarification of the 2016 SCCA RallyCross Rules.

  1. Entrants
    1. All licensed drivers are eligible to enter. Those with learners or "temps" are only eligible if they meet the terms of the permit while competing (i.e. adult passenger).
    2. Drivers under 18 years of age must have a signed waiver by legal guardian or parent at the event.
    3. Cars may have multiple drivers.
    4. Co-drivers (passengers) are allowed (age 10 or over, per SCCA RallyCross Rule 4.2.C).
    5. Everyone connected (drivers, workers, spectators, etc.) with the event MUST sign a waiver and wear the provided wrist band in plain view.
    6. If a minor waiver is required please follow directions on SCCA’s website for waiver requirements.
    7. Attendance at the drivers meeting is mandatory. Time and place will be posted or announced at registration.
    8. Entry Fees (Late Sign-up Fees Will Not Be Applied At This Time)
      1. $40 for SCCA Members
      2. $55 for Non-SCCA (fees include a weekend membership which includes a discount on a full membership)
      3. Spectators are Free upon signing of event waiver
    9. The number of event entries will be capped at 50 on the MotorsportReg.com sign-up site
      1. The cap may be lifted at the discretion of the Race Chair
      2. On-Site Registrations will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis based on this cap.
  2. Eligible Vehicles (refer to SCCA RallyCross Rules Sections 3.1 for further clarifications.)
    1. The event is open to all fixed roof production based vehicles that pass tech inspection, with the exception of vehicles that the chairman deems unacceptable for safe competition.
      1. Overly tall and softly sprung vehicles may be excluded to prevent chances of rollover
      2. Most C series Jeeps and raised 4x4 trucks are not suitable due to the fast sharp turns that are part of rallycross
      3. If you have doubt about your vehicles suitability please contact the Rally Chair
  3. Tech Inspection (refer to SCCA RallyCross Rules Section 3.2 for further clarifications.)
    1. Each vehicle entered must pass safety inspection per the 2016 SCCA RallyCross Rules.
    2. It is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle meets all requirements for the class in which they are competing
    3. Vehicles not passing tech will be allowed the opportunity to make repairs before competition
      1. If repairs cannot be made in time entry fees will be refunded
  4. Classes (refer to SCCA RallyCross Rules Section 3.3 for further clarifications.)
    1. National Required Classes
      1. SR - Stock Rear 2wd
      2. SF - Stock Front 2wd
      3. SA – Stock All Wheel Drive
      4. PR - Prepared Rear Wheel Drive
      5. PF - Prepared Front Wheel Drive
      6. PA – Prepared All Wheel Drive
      7. MF - Front 2wd Modified
      8. MR - Rear 2wd Modified
      9. MA - Modified All Wheel Drive
    2. Region Only Classes (These classes may not be offered at all events and also do not count toward season points)
      1. RC - Club Rental Car (Split into groups 1 & 2)
      2. X - Exhibition (Time only, no season points or awards)
      3. T2 - Street Tire 2WD
      4. T4 - Street Tire AWD
      Street Tire Categories Preparation allowances:
      "Street Tires" are the only tires permitted for use in T2 or T4. "Street Tires" are defined in this instance as tires sold as "Passenger Tires". Street tires do not include ice/winter specific tires (currently designated by the mountain/snowflake emblem), light truck tires (designated by "LT" on the sidewall), or tires designated for rally or competition use. The original tread may not be modified (siped or grooved or otherwise altered).
      Any other modifications are permitted provided that the vehicle complies with Article 6.3 (Vehicle/Driver Safety) of the National RallyCross Rules.
  5. Event Scoring
    1. All timed runs will be added together to achieve your cumulative time. Your highest time for the day will be subtracted from the cumulative time. Lowest total time is the winner per class and overall.
    2. Time penalties are assessed for course deviations as such:
      1. Each pylon that is displaced will be assessed a 2 second penalty.
      2. Each missed gate will be assessed a 10 second penalty.
      3. Each pylon displaced after the finish line will be assessed a 2 second penalty.
      4. Vehicle on course with windows down more than 1" without nets will be assessed a 2 second penalty.
      5. Vehicle on course with sunroof open will be assessed a 2 second penalty.
    3. BOGEY times
      1. DNFs are not given in RallyCross
      2. If you are off course and do not recover properly, you will receive a BOGEY time for that run.
      3. If you miss runs on the course in a given heat, you will be assigned BOGEY times for all missed runs.
      4. A BOGEY time is calculated as the slowest timed run of your group on that course plus 10 seconds.
    4. Re-runs
      1. Timing issues may result in a re-run or multiple re-runs to get correct times
      2. If you receive a re-run the previous run time will be eliminated
      3. A de-beaded tire or other mechanical issue on course will result in a re-run if possible in the allotted time.
    5. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate disqualification and removal from event site.
  6. Event Responsibilities
    1. All drivers are REQUIRED to work at the event
    2. Work positions include
      1. Corner worker
      2. Grid Coordinator
      3. Safety (only qualified safety stewards)
      4. Timing
      5. Starter
  7. Awards & Series Points
    1. Class awards will be presented in each class after each event to the top 3 scoring drivers per class.
    2. Each class will receive series points toward the 2016 year end championship as follows:
      8th +2
    3. Championship points can be earned in any of the 10 listed points events for 2016. You must run a minimum of 5 points events in a class to be eligible for year-end awards. An individual's highest scoring 8 events will be counted for computation of year end points.
    4. You may only compete for a championship in one class for the year.
    5. You MUST be a member of the SCCA to be eligible for year end awards.
  8. Sound
    1. In an effort to help ensure that WOR RallyCross continues to maintain strong positive relationships with its site owners and stakeholders, sound control regulations will be enforced.
    2. A 96 dB limit will be enforced at all WOR-hosted RallyCross events.
    3. The sound level of any vehicle may be measured at the start/finish portion of the track at a distance of approximately 50 feet or more using a consumer grade digital SPL meter at “A” Weighting, “Slow” Response.
    4. Drivers found in violation of the sound limit will be given one opportunity to reduce the sound output of their vehicle. If they are over the limit on the next run, they will not be allowed any more runs for the event.
    5. Any competitor desiring to protest the ruling of an event official regarding the sound control policy outlined above is referred to Section 5, Scoring Rule #10.

Note: The Western Ohio Region reserves the right to make adjustments to these rules as deemed necessary.

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