About Autocross

Solo is the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) brand name for autocross competition. Autocross events are low to medium speed auto events run on parking lots or other flat paved surfaces. The course is marked with traffic cones and designed to avoid the possibility of contact with obstacles. One driver at a time competes against the clock and time penalties are assigned for hitting cones. Drivers take several runs through the course and the driver with the best time in his or her class wins.

Drivers can compete in virtually any car, although certain top-heavy vehicles like SUVs and mini-vans are not allowed. To equalize competition, cars are separated into classes based on the performance of the car and the modifications made to it. Drivers piloting a Honda Civic may expect to compete against other like cars, such as Toyota Celicas, VW New Beetles and Nissan Sentras. Subaru WRXs are classed with Acura Type Rs, BMW 330s and Dodge SRT-4s. There are also separate classes for cars that have been modified with suspension or engine performance modifications.

Autocross emphasizes skill and precision rather than outright speed. The courses are often tight and twisty. Speeds are low, typically under 60mph and most cars do not get out of second gear.

To enter, all drivers need is a valid driver's license, the entry fee and a mechanically sound, safe car. Two drivers may share the same car.

If you've always wanted to race but thought it would be too expensive or require a dedicated race car, then autocross is for you. You can compete and have fun in the same car you drive to work every day. Autocross is a fun and inexpensive way to get involved in motorsports. You could be competing, not just spectating!

If you have any questions, contact the WOR Solo Chair or anyone on the WOR Solo Committee.

Below are links to various beginners guides and novice handbooks. Keep in mind that the information in them may not apply specifically to WOR Solo events. Be sure to ask if you have questions about specific points.

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SCCA Autocross Handbook
Ohio Valley Region Novice Guide


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