November Member Meeting to be at FULL THROTTLE!

Meeting 10.25.2016

ATTENTION EVERYONE!! The November 8th WOR monthly member meeting will be at FULL THROTTLE, with pizza provided!! Attendees will be responsible for paying their own way for karting (but be sure to get there before 7pm and tell them you are with WOR for a discount) and drinks.

Even more awesome news you say? Yes! Our local Pirelli World Champion favorite, and Full Throttle heir, Tom O'Gorman, is our featured speaker that evening! Hear him tell of his racing experiences, from autocrossing to Pirelli, watch video, ask him questions.

MORE great news?! Wow! It's the WOR Board elections night too! Come vote on your new board members - Regional Executive; Assistant RE; Solo, Rallycross and Club Racing Chairs; Secretary; Treasurer; Activities Chair and year-end awards recipients. Every vote counts.

And AGAIN?! We can't stand it! U.S. Race Gear, located inside FT, has agreed to stay open until 7pm so we can shop for race gear! So bring your shopping list!

~pre-7pm - open karting (be sure to tell them you are WOR SCCA for discount)
~7:00 - 7:30pm - Tom speaks
~7:30 - 8:45pm - pizza, meeting and elections
~8:45 - 10:00pm (close) - kart races

***Registration is REQUIRED at***

When: November 8, 2016, starting anytime before 7pm
Where: Full Throttle Indoor Karting, 11725 Commons Drive. Cincinnati, OH 45246
Who: Card carrying official WOR SCCA members only


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