July 16/17 Two-Day Autocross Event T-shirt Sale Extended

Solo 06.26.2016

Two-Day Autocross Event T-shirt Sale Extended

The sale date of the shirts was just extended thanks to them shipping a LOT faster. Even if you are rallycrossing on Saturday, come join us Sunday! And get your team shirt to wear that day. If you plan on autocrossing on even just the Sunday of the 2 day July 16/17 event, please consider getting a shirt! You now have until the 9th. So please help out out your club and show who your loyalties lie with! fundly.com/mvscc-vs-wor

WOR vs. MVSCC 2-Day Autocross Face-off PE5

Day 1: www.facebook.com/events/1719021454982488/
Day 2: www.facebook.com/events/205579856499000/

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