***TEAM WOR Tees for WOR vs. MVSCC Autocross Face-off For Sale***

Solo 06.07.2016
***TEAM WOR Tees for WOR vs. MVSCC Autocross Face-off For Sale***

WOR Autocrossers:

On July 16/17, 2016, WOR and the Miami Valley Sports Car Club  will join forces and hold the first ever 2 day autocross face-off between the two clubs. Saturday will be WOR's points event and Sunday will be MVSCC's points event, both at Wilmington. We are selling t-shirts at www.fundly.com/mvscc-vs-wor with TEAM WOR on them to show which team we are. Please buy a shirt and show which team you support that weekend! And the money helps fund this big event. We won't hold it against you if you wear your shirt two days in a row. We all will be. ;) Help support your club by buying a shirt and wear it to the event and show your pride!

***YOU MUST SELECT A 'GIVING LEVEL' TO GET A SHIRT.*** Scroll down the page and select whether you want men's or women's tee(s).

Thank you for your purchase! We greatly appreciate it!


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