June's Meeting to Feature Member Car Show & Contest

Meeting 06.05.2016

This month’s WOR meeting features our very own member's cars!

We're holding a car show/contest and the prize is a mystery $25 gift card! So be sure to shine them up nicely that day. Simply drive your favorite vehicle or race car to the meeting and follow the directions below. Be here by 7:20pm to vote and have your car voted on. The meeting will start at 7:45pm, so please bring your questions, concerns, critiques, etc. We want to hear them. After the meeting, the owner of the car with the most votes will be awarded the gift card. If it is supposed to rain that evening, we will switch with July's meeting activity, car and racing themed trivia night. An announcement will be made on Facebook and via email earlier in the day. Don't forget, we meet at TJ Chump's, 1100 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd., Fairborn at 7pm.

Contest Directions
1.  Park on the dead end street used for overflow parking when you arrive.
2.  Inform the host you are entering the SCCA contest and fill out the info on the form they hand you (vehicle’s year, color, make and model).
3.  Ask the host for a logo paper, fill out the same info on the paper, take it to your vehicle and place it under your windshield wiper or on the dash, logo side up.
4.  Enjoy some FREE appetizers or order dinner.
5.  Between 7:20 and 7:45, make sure you check out the cars and choose your favorite one (but no telling anyone!).
6.  Fill out a voting form with the info on the logo sheet of the chosen vehicle and place it in the marked box.
7. Be seated for the meeting by 7:45 and ready with any questions, concerns, critiques, etc. for open discussion.

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