2 Volunteers Needed for May 21st Cars & Coffee

Social 05.15.2016

We are in desperate need of 2 volunteers to handle the Dayton Cars and Coffee coffee distribution for the meet Saturday, May 21st! Please consider helping out! You will earn credit!

Greg and I (Janet) are unavailable that day and we are under contract to provide the coffee. Each volunteer will earn 2 credits, equal to $10, towards future event or membership registration fees or SCCA and WOR gear. Between the 2 volunteers, you must be able to haul the table, chairs and other needed items to The Greene by 7:30am that day, start to set up, go pick up the (3) five gallon cambros of coffee from Winans (in The Greene) at 7:45am and have everything set by 8am. You will then help hand out coffee until it is gone, chat up attendees and try to recruit members if they show interest. Tear down once the coffee is gone, pack up and return the cambros to Winans.

I will thoroughly go over exactly what you need to do in detail before the meet. Message us if interested. http://daytoncarsandcoffee.com/2016/03/28/gourmet-coffee/

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