Porsche Club of America Drivers Education at Mid-Ohio

PDX 07.18.2008

Porsche Club of America's Mid-Ohio Region is presenting a Drivers Education Event at Mid-Ohio Road Course on August 18-19, 2008. They welcome us to participate in this event. The school is open to all and any automobile is most welcome. For more information and sign-up visit their website at www.morpca.org.

  • Experience high performance driving on one of America’s most famous road courses
  • You will learn correct driving control from experienced instructors
  • All automobile makes welcome and you don’t have to be a member of our club
  • Classes for beginners through experts

Event Information:
Two-day Drivers Education
The Mid-Ohio Region presents the third annual Driver Education event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. This is a great opportunity to learn and practice the techniques of high performance driving on the 2.4 mile, 15 turn challenging track known as "the Most Competitive in the U.S."

Student drivers will be teamed-up with Mid-Ohio Region approved instructors. This is an excellent time to learn more about your car and enhance your driving skills

This is not a racing school. It’s an opportunity to drive your car in a fun, safe, learning environment. Best of all, you’ll get to meet and socialize with a wide array of enthusiasts anxious to challenge their skill and knowledge.

Classroom Instruction
Comprehensive classroom sessions cover many of the basic concepts that are the foundation for skilled high performance driving. Topics include car prep, driving position, attitude, vision, weight transfer, tire adhesion and cornering techniques.

On-Track Driving
Students get to drive the track at speed during multiple 20-30 minute sessions with an instructor riding along providing guidance. This opportunity allows students to enhance car control skills by applying and practicing the techniques discussed in class. Run groups are established to allow students to run laps with other drivers of similar experience. Passing is only allowed on designated sections of the course, and under controlled circumstances, making for a very safe environment.


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