2018 WOR Regional Rallycross Series Schedule

Date Event Name Location
April 14 -
April 14
WOR/OVR points event 1 Bitzer's Farm
May 12 -
May 12
WOR/OVR points event 2 Bitzer's Farm
June 9 -
June 9
WOR/OVR points event 3 Bitzer's Farm
August 18 -
August 18
WOR/OVR points event 4 Bitzer's Farm
September 22 -
September 23
WOR/OVR points event 5/6 Bitzer's Farm
October 27 -
October 27
WOR/OVR points event 7 Bitzer's Farm
November 10 -
November 10
WOR/OVR points event 8 Bitzer's Farm

Rallycross Series Archives

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