2010 WOR Regional Rallycross Series Schedule

Date Event Name Location
May 1 Points Event 1/OVR PE2 National Trail Raceway
June 5 Points Event 2 Roos Farm
Schedule/Info Results / PAX / Raw
June 26 Points Event 3 Roos Farm
Schedule/Info Results / PAX / Raw
July 10 Points Event 4 Paintball Country
Schedule/Info Results / PAX / Raw
August 7 Points Event 5 Paintball Country
Schedule/Info Results / PAX / Raw
October 31 Points Event 7/OVR PE8 National Trail Raceway
November 13 Points Event 8 Roos Farm
Schedule/Info Results / PAX / Raw
Total Points (as of 05/27)
Year End Championship Points (as of 05/27)

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